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Uniform & Books

School Uniform and Books

A full range of uniforms and books are available for purchase from School story. At Indian school Ras Al Khaimah , the uniform is worn with pride. It is an outward sign of the choice that students have made to join the community and a way to demonstrate daily their commitment to fully embrace the values and spirit.

Note : School uniforms can be purchased only from the school store. The Indian school Ras Al Khaimah does not sell its school uniforms from any outside outlet.

Note :

  • There is no necktie for the uniform.
  • School ID cards should be compulsorily wear by all students.
  • Long/ Fashionable hair styles, application of gel/ colour on hair,etc. are not permitted for boys. Only executive style haircuts are permitted.
  • Girls should not colour their hair or wear fancy hairclips, nets, etc.
  • Student Council members, Captains and Prefects should wear their badges and set an example toothers.
  • All are strictly cautioned against alterations.Incase of boys pants, no other alteration other than length will be permitted.
  • Failure to comply with the uniform regulations may result in the student beings enthome after two warnings recorded in the diary.